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World of Tales From the Crypt Horror RPG Sourcebook New OOP JB

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Description: Welcome, kiddies, to my cozy Crypt. Have I got a story for you! It's time for another terror tale from your old pal, the Cryptkeeper. Just in time for a Halloween fun fest, this rulebook/sourcebook features:

  • - Into the Crypt
  • - Cryptic Rules
  • - Character Creation
  • - New Skills
  • - Equipment
  • - Designing and Running Adventures
  • - Mini-Adventure: Carnival of Souls
  • - Character Templates

Part of the MasterBook game system, but can provide lots of information for use with most horror RPGs. Copyright 1996 West End Games. 144 pages. Packed with photos and black & white artwork. OOP.

Condition: New, NMint.

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Brand: West End Games