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Horror Hero Endless Nightmares Horror Sourcebook Hero Games ICE 509 1994 ATtS

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Description: Add a new dimension of spine-tingling terror to your Hero System role-playing with Horror Hero: Endless Nightmares, the new Hero System genre book! Horror Hero is packed with new rules, new characters, new magic system, new monsters, and several terrifying campaign backgrounds (Eldritch Horror, Pulp Horror, and Modern Horror campaigns). Plus, there are complete rules for adding, creating and GMing horror stories in any Hero System game. Absolutely the best book on role-playing horror for any game system!

A sourcebook for Champions and all other Hero System role-playing games. Can also be used with most other horror RPGs. Large book with 224 pages packed with game ideas and inspiration. First printing 1994 by Iron Crown Enterprises.

Condition: Used. Moderate cover and edge wear. Rubbing at top and bottom of spine, stress cracks on spine. Interior pages are in excellent shape, no markings. Price sticker on rear cover. Overall a very good copy. Please refer to the pictures for details.


MPN: 509

Brand: Iron Crown Enterprises