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Don't Look Back Horror RPG Core Rulebook New NMint OOP JB

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Description: Things are not as they seem ... The surface is calm and orderly, but a madness lies below the facade watching, waiting to devour those who slip between the cracks. The game world is like the real world, but elements of it are both sinister and fantastic. Imagine a world where vampires prowl the night, satanic cults conduct human sacrifices and mad scientists plot to enslave mankind.

This horror role-playing rulebook contains all of the rules needed to step into this world. Contents include rules for both player and game master:

  • - Character generation
  • - Actions
  • - Combat
  • - Role of the Guide
  • - The Modern World including history, the government, and secret societies
  • - The Paranormal
  • - Encounters
  • - Creature stats
  • - The House on Dolley Hill introductory scenario
  • - Plus more

Copyright 1994 Mind Ventures. 160 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, small ding on lower back cover. NMint.

MPN: 1001

Brand: Mind Ventures