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Underground LA Campaign Box Street Stories Sealed OOP BB Mayfair

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Description: This box set contains all the information needed to run a campaign in the Los Angeles of the dark future of Underground. Contents include:

  • - 64-page Setting Guide describing the Los Angeles of 2021
  • - 64-page Plot Guide containing a series of campaign threads
  • - 16 folio sheets that add the most important people, places and things in LA to the Underground Notebook
  • - 16 pages of full-color props and handouts -- from police ID cards to graft checks endorsed by crooked politicians
  • - A full-color poster map of South-Central and the East Side
  • - A complete issue of USA Alive containing important information for the players

A highly useful source box for any cyberpunk/near future game. Packed with information. Copyright 1993 Mayfair Games. OOP

Condition: New, sealed in original shrinkwrap. NM/Mint

MPN: 0893352

Brand: Mayfair Games