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Star Frontiers Dark Side of the Moon Alpha Dawn SFAD6 TSR 7818 1985 GV-S Sealed

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Description: "Today, the distinguished scientist and philanthropist Dr. Jack Legrange received the Fulborn-McCoy prize in recognition of his pioneering work in the field of bioengineering.

"The ceremony, held before an invited audience of renowned academics, however, was not with-out a whiff of scandal. Reliable sources close to the Awards Committee hinted to journalist that 'undue influence, had been brought to bear concerning the decision to award the prize to Dr. Legrange. After the award, Dr. Legrange was not available for comment, but an unofficial spokesperson for allegations were 'unfounded, and not worthy of serious consideration'.

"The ceremony itself was one to be broadcast to several worlds, but transmissions were marred by technical problems. Dr. Legrange departed from his published text and delivered an emotional attack on the Vrusk authorities of Kraatar. He spoke in particular of their 'ruthless exploitations of the human population'. Unfortunately, a power failure interrupted further broadcasts.

"We'll be back right after the break with the latest news on the Cassidine Zero-g ball game. But now, a word from our sponsor..."

Dark Side of the Moon is a fast moving investigative adventure for use with Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn game and can only be played with those rules.

This is the original module edition, NOT a modern reprint.

Designed for the classic Star Frontiers role-playing game, but can be readily adapted to many science fiction RPGs. Copyright 1985 TSR, United Kingdom.

Condition: New, old store inventory, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. Light shelfwear including small tears in shrinkwrap, minor corner and edge wear, minor stress creases on spine. Price tag on front shrinkwrap. Overall the module looks to be in very nice shape considering it is nearly 40 years old. Please refer to the pictures for details.


MPN: 7818

Brand: TSR