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Traveller RPG Milieu 0 Sourcebook T4 New OOP IB Imperium Games

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Description: Milieu brings the Traveller universe to the very beginning of the Third Imperium, when the Imperium consists of merely a handful of member worlds, together emerging from the shadow of the Long Night. This extensive sourcebook covers such topics as:

  • - Antecedents of the Third Imperium
  • - The Expansion Process
  • - The First Wave
  • - Power Structures Circa Year 0
  • - Refereeing Milieu 0
  • - Library Data
  • - Core Sector Data
  • - Rumors

Can be adapted to many science fiction role playing systems to form the basis of an exciting interstellar universe. Copyright 1996 Imperium Games. 112 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, NM/Mint.

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Brand: Imperium Games