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Traveller Deck Plan 2 Modular Cutter 25-28mm New D8 Steve Jackson

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  • Role-playing game
  • War game
  • Science Fiction
  • Traveller
  • Steve Jackson Games
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Description: The Modular Cutter is truly the workhorse of the Imperium, lending itself to many task-specific variations. This package contains 8 two-sided maps -- 1-inch hex grids on one side and 1.5-inch square grids on the other, to fit any campaign. This set of deck plans is designed for use with 25-28 mm miniatures. They can used in most science fiction role playing game systems and many sci fi table top miniatures games including GDW's and GURPS Traveller, Warhammer 40K, and others.

Included are plans for the 50-ton cutter itself plus these seven specialty modules:

  • - Class 1 Starport
  • - Expandable Base
  • - Laboratory
  • - Medical
  • - Prison Transport
  • - Safari
  • - Survey

Also included is a sheet of full-color Cardboard Heroes miniatures to crew the cutter, including explorers, scientists, doctors, a Virushi surgeon, and a Bwap clerk. A nice addition to any science fiction RPG or miniatures game. Copyright 2001 Steve Jackson Games. OOP.

Condition: New, NM/Mint.

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Brand: Steve Jackson Games