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Torg The Possibility Chalice Adventure West End Games 20552 1990 CSj

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Description: The Near Now, Earth is gripped by the Possibility Wars, as Storm Knights fight to stem the sweeping tide of invading realities. At the center of this battle are the fabled eternity shards -- incredible relics of power imbued with coveted possibility energy, capable of tipping the balance of the Possibility Wars forever.

The race is on. Minions of the High Lords frantically scramble to collect the relics of power, while Storm Knights try to do the same in defense of Core Earth. One such relic is the mysterious Possibility Chalice, a powerful eternity shard which has garnered the attention of four different High Lords, as well as an intrepid team of Storm Knights who seek to find it first.

The cryptic Destiny Map revealed how to find the Chalice. Now the Storm Knights must journey into the watery depths of a sunken temple, through the wild fantasy countryside of Ayslish England, into the darkened keep of an evil sorcerer, and across the icy waters of the North Sea in search of the elusive relic.

Enemies are everywhere. Deadly Nippon Tech robots, ancient aquatic horrors, demons, trolls, golems, viking warriors and a powerful Ayslish wizard all vie for the power of the Possibility Chalice. Can you get to it first?

Designed for the Torg: The Possibility Wars science fiction role-playing game. Copyright 1990 West End Games.

Condition: New, old store inventory. Very light shelfwear. Interior pages clean. Overall an excellent copy. Please refer to the pictures for details.


MPN: 20552

Brand: West End Games