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Torg Central Valley Gate Adventure New OOP JB West End Games

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Description: Wecome to Redside, stuck between the war fronts of the Living Land, Nippon Tech, and Tharkold. This small town in California has managed to survive through persistence and determination, and a small arms factory. But now, the town has sent out a desperate plea for help, as rampaging biker gangs and edeinos tribes are slowly overrunning the area.

The Storm Knights have come to the town to help in its defense, but they soon learn of a potential new threat -- occult wizards from the horror realm of Orrorsh have constructed a gate in the valley, and while it has transported Victorian soldiers, who knows what terrors have used the gate?

Designed for the Torg science fiction role-playing game. Copyright 1992 West End Games. 64 pages. OOP

Condition: New. Small area of back cover has gloss removed by sticker; otherwise NM/Mint

MPN: 20573

Brand: West End Games