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Timemaster Whom the Gods Destroy 1985 Pacesetter OOP J7 Time Travel

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Description: As you look about the cavern -- so dark the light from the entrance can't penetrate to the corners -- you hear the soft bleating of goats and sheep. Several large pens line the far walls, and the animals dart around anxiously at the sight of strangers. You are just about to leave and look around outside, when an enormous form fills the cavern entrance and blocks the light.

"Visitors," a voice rumbles, and as you stare forty feet overhead to where the voice of this giant seems to be coming from, you can just make out the details of his face. Not a distinguished face, certainly. A little slow-witted perhaps. And cruel. Definitely cruel. But what impresses you most is what is NOT there, instead of what is. For the monster gazes at you from only one eye, right in the middle of his forehead. "Have a seat," he growls, as he rolls a huge boulder across the cavern entrance, "and stay for dinner." Since the exit is blocked, it appears you have no choice. But who, you can't help wondering, is going to be the main course? Now, journey back in time and join the Greek hero Odysseus on his greatest voyage!

Designed for the Timemaster science fiction role-playing game of time travel and can be readily adapted to other systems. Copyright 1985 Pacesetter. 32 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, light shelfwear on covers, spine creases. Interior pages are excellent. Staples are tight with light rust.

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Brand: Pacesetter