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Timemaster Cleopatra Gambit Pacesetter 1984 OOP D8 Time Travel

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Description: The barbarian gladiator steps toward your prone body, his muscles tensed in anticipation of the coming deathstroke. He thrusts at your throat; you roll left and swing your feet at his legs. The blade slashes your cheek, but your kick knocks the barbarian off balance. You stand, your world a kaleidoscope of pain, blood, and hot yellow sand. In the arena seats above, a bored aristocrat fingers a Time Corps communicator -- your communicator. If you should die in this arena; if he should discover the use of that technology...

This mission felt wrong from the start; you should have know it was a trap. The Demorean attack on the Egyptian village was too obvious. The ambush on Cleopatra's procession was too faint-hearted. And now, when you've finally discovered the Demorean secret, this gladiatorial "game" is too convenient. Time war is a deadly game, and this time the enemy is winning.

Designed for the Timemaster science fiction role-playing game of time travel. Copyright 1984 Pacesetter Ltd. 32 pages. OOP.

Condition: Used. Light shelfwear on covers, spine creases, corner bump, minor soiling. Interior pages lightly aged with corner bump, otherwise excellent. Staples are tight with very faint trace of rust.

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Brand: Pacesetter