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Star Wars RPG Live-Action Adventures Rules OOP NMint BB West End

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Description: Ever wonder what it might be like to match wits with a wily Imperial officer, a dastardly Hutt crime lord, or a hot-shot Rebel pilot? Ever dream of strapping a blaster to your side and getting yourself hip-deep in danger and adventure? Star Wars Live-Action Adventures brings you the excitement of role-playing on a 1:1 scale. This book features a streamlined game system that focuses on the fun and not on the rules.

Chapters include:

  • - Live-Action Adventuring Concepts
  • - Character Creation
  • - Costumes, Props and Sets
  • - Game Mechanics
  • - Adventure Building
  • - The Shard of Alderaan - Live-action Adventure

Copyright 1996, West End Games. 128 pages. OOP.

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