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Star Ace Lightspeed Raid Adventure Pacesetter 1984 OOP IC

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Description: The planet Ruoka. Endless stretches of silicon desert don't add up to many folks' idea of paradise. However, beneath that wasteland is enough Xantium crystal to power every spacecraft in the galaxy. Both the Star Teams and the Alliance have been lucky enough to keep a sweetheart arrangement going with the strange Ruokan Crystal Folk. That is, up to three weeks ago. Why would a group of Star Team members set up a cut-and-run raid on a Ruokan Xantium mine? That is, if the raiders were Star Team members at all? And what about those Imperial hoodlums who are trying to snuggle up to the Crystal Folk, promising "protection from Star Team aggression"? For sure, a cool reception is waiting for you down there; problem is, there's no telling what else is brewing -- all because somebody cooked up a heavy-duty lightspeed raid.

Designed for the Star Ace science fiction role-playing game. Copyright 1984 Pacesetter Limited. 32 pages.

Condition: Lightly used. Mild shelfwear on covers, 1/4" area chipped on rear. A few interior pages are dogeared, otherwise excellent. Staples are tight with a tiny bit of rust.

MPN: 4003

Brand: Pacesetter