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Spycraft Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide D20 Combat New LB

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Description: This sourcebook for the Spycraft modern espionage system greatly expands the options available for combat. Contents include:

  • - The Spycraft Vehicle Guide -- Requisition any vehicle in existence today and outfit it with all the latest masterwork upgrades, weapons and gadgets!
  • - Rules for heavy personal ordinance, including fixed cannon emplacements, automated missle racks, tank-killing rocket launchers, vehicle-towed howitzers, and much more!
  • - Expanded chase options, including many new maneuvers and rules for vehicular combat, off-roading, aerial dog-fighting, skydiving/freefall and scuba chases, and more.
  • - 12 new prestige classes focusing on activities most commonly performed by soldiers and wheelmen.
  • - 20 new department options, including two "macro-departments" (officer training and military academy training).
  • - Over 35 new feats
  • - Over a dozen new skill uses

Copyright 2002 Alderac Entertainment. 104 pages.

Condition: New, NM/Mint.

MPN: 1803
Brand: Alderac Entertainment