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Shatterzone Cyber Hardwear Softwear New OOP C7 West End Games

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Description: Looking for the latest bioware or cybertech? How about the latest information on what's hot on the nets? Then you've come to the right place, compatriots. Welcome to Hardwear/Softwear. We have everything you need right here. Hardwear/Softwear is a resource book for both the gamemaster and the players. It contains robots, cyberware, bioware, skillsofts, and information about the various networks in the Shatterzone RPG universe. So, before you go out there unprepared, look into Hardwear/Softwear. It could mean the difference between being off-lined or making it to the next day.

Designed for the Shatterzone game, this sourcebook contains plenty of information that can be adapted to many cyberpunk-style science fiction role-playing games. Copyright 1995 West End Games. 128 pages. OOP.

Condition: New. Light shelfwear on edges, corner ding, spine crack. Otherwise NMint.

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Brand: West End Games