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Paranoia The Iceman Returneth West End Games 1989 New OOP L7

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Description: Something really ugly is about to happen! When a freeze-dried High Programmer from the past is accidentally thawed, all of Alpha Complex is thrown into a frantic frenzy. Just who is he? How did he get to be a High Programmer icicle? What is he doing now? And why is he fiddling with The Computer like that ... ?!?!?!?!

The Iceman returneth, and he's got ideas of his own about the future of Alpha Complex. Of course, he'll need some gullible-but-gutsy Troubleshooters to do his dirty work for him... and boy is it DIRTY! Only the most naive, moronic, just-plain-stupidest Troubleshooters will jump at the chance! But be warned -- the very nature of life, death and cloning as we know it hangs in the balance!

An adventure designed for the humorous Paranoia science fiction role-playing game. For 2-6 characters. Copyright 1989 West End Games. 40 pages. OOP

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. NM/MMint

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Brand: West End Games