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Paranoia Cyberpunk Alice Through the Mirrorshades C7 West End Games

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Description: The Computer has crashed ... and that puts a lot of High Programmers out of work. Rather than stand for the ignominy of the welfare lines (not to mention to avoid a chainsaw haircut at the hands of disgruntled Infrareds), the High Programmers conceive a desperate plan: retroactively prevent the crash by traveling back in time to execute the man responsible. The success of the plan hinges on a squad of six crack Troubleshooters -- the Vulture Warriors of Dimension X! Which only goes to show how desperate the High Programmers really are.

In this special crossover adventure, Cyberpunk players can join in the Paranoia experience! This adventure is fully compatible with both West End games' Paranoia and R. Talsorian Games' Cyberpunk science fiction role-playing games. This adventure contains:

  • A full-length 40-page adventure Handouts, props, ridiculous player activities, and a lot of nifty Cyber-stuff
  • A full set of Paranoia player-characters
  • A full set of Cyberpunk characters

Copyright 1989 West End Games. OOP.

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Brand: West End Games