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Heavy Gear RPG Northern Lights Confederacy Sourcebook GC Dream Pod 9

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Description: This sourcebook brings Heavy Gear fans into the heart of the North. The largest league of the CNCS, the NLC is the driving force behind the policies of the great northern confederation. The home of the great Sorrento Revisionist Faith, the league is nevertheless a divided house. For every Norlight ready to follow the church wherever it might lead, another claims his own freedom. Truth and peace are increasingly neglected, replaced by fear and hatred.

This sourcebook includes:

  • - A complete history of the NLC
  • - Details on Sorrento Revisionism and its role in North
  • - Full write-ups (including maps) on all 14 Norlight city-states
  • - Information on the Dorothean Order of warrior monks
  • - Details on the Quick Response Teams of the Henema Police
  • - Sample campaign set-ups
  • - New character archetypes

Designed for the Heavy Gear science fiction role-playing game. Copyright 1997 Dream Pod 9. 128 pages.

Condition: New. Light shelfwear, one corner crunched. Otherwise NMint.

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Brand: Dream Pod 9