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GURPS New Sun Science Fiction Sourcebook New OOP L5 Steve Jackson

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  • Role-playing game
  • Science Fiction
  • Space
  • Steve Jackson Games

Description: The end of history is the beginning. Explore a culture based upon the ruins of countless civilizations stretching back for countless millennia. Embrace a society where time travel is an everyday occurrence -- but time is no longer measured. Negotiate a world in which the mundane, the advanced, and the paranormal commingle freely -- a place where the officer classes fight duels to the death using extraterrestrial flowers. Envision a juncture in time where two potential futures hang in the balance: one a Golden Age of rebirth, the other an icy grave of permanent winter.

This sourcebook explores the world of the Book of the New Sun, the award-winning masterpiece of science fiction by Gene Wolfe. Contents include:

  • - The Posthistory of Urth
  • - The New Sun
  • - Urth in the Age of the Autarch
  • - Nessus, the Eternal City
  • - Urth Religion
  • - Space and Time
  • - Commonwealth Characters
  • - The Arsenal of the Autarch
  • - Thaumaturgy
  • - Urth Bestiary
  • - Campaigns
  • - And much more!

Designed for the GURPS role-playing game, but can be used as a reference sourcebook for other science fiction campaigns. Copyright 1999 Steve Jackson Games. 128 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, NM/Mint

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Brand: Steve Jackson Games