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GDW Space: 1889 The Liftwood Conspiracy Adventure Module 3W DQ

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Description: The government of Her Majesty Queen Victoria asks for volunteers to undertake a secret expedition to the forbidden liftwood groves of the Astusapes Highlands. There, work will be done to help unlock the secrets of this marvelous tree that provides the vital "lift" for the cloudships of Mars as well as Earth. Others (you have heard) have made this type of attempt and failed. Will your expedition perhaps be a successful one? If so, what will the cost be of your success? Or the price for your failure?

This module provides the needed charts, tables and major NPC's necessary for high adventure and intrigue on the planet Mars. High Martians, Canal Martians, human adventurers and bureaucratic middlemen; they're all here to assist or hinder your efforts, depending how you deal with them. Carefully, if you're lucky.

Cloudship combat is a feature of The Liftwood Conspiracy and the necessary ship charts and statistics for use either with the Space: 1889 or Sky Galleons of Mars aerial rules are included, along with new ships to expand your fleet.

No specific date or year has been set for this work, so referees may run it as a stand alone adventure or add it into any on-going campaign. Either way, get your own conspiracy started immediately! The Queen so expects.

BONUS: Rescue at Thoth, a mini-adventure of derring-do, is included in this module. Can your players rescue a Martian noble from the hands of religious fanatics without turning the city-state of Thoth against the resident humans? If you can't, the list of sacrifices will grow, and grow, and grow...

This adventure is designed for use with the classic Space: 1889 science fiction role-playing game. Published by 3W and approved by GDW.

Condition: New, old store stock. Price sticker on cover. Very light shelfwear including minor edge and corner bumps. Faint patina of rust on staples, otherwise an excellent copy. Please refer to the pictures for details.


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