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Buck Rogers NEO in the 25th Century TSR 3566 1990 H7 Sealed Shrinkwrap

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Description: There's something rotten in Coprates. A professor from Mars University hires your band to search Jupiter's moons for alien artifacts. Is the professor pursuing a proscribed area of inquiry? Or is he just a crackpot who can't engage a reputable salvage company? But before long, just about every government, low-life, and power-broker in the system will be looking for you and your friends!

NEO is an adventure for the Buck Rogers XXV Century role-playing game, but can be readily adapted to many other science fiction RPGs. It includes:

  • Large, full-color map detailing a Class B asteroid spaceport, an asteroid city, the twelve decks of a 150-ton medium cruiser, and two different space-stations
  • A six-deck map of the Intrepid Pedagogue, a 40-ton scout cruiser
  • 8 pre-generated player characters
  • 64-page adventure

Copyright 1990 TSR. OOP.

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. NMint.


MPN: 3566

Brand: TSR