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Buck Rogers Mars in the 25th Century TSR 3565 1990 KC Sealed Shrinkwrap

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Description: Mars: The word means different things to different people. To the executives who run the immense corporation known as RAM, Mars is as close to Paradise as any place in the solar system. To the people who make up the bulk of RAM's military and civilian work force, Mars means security and opportunity -- as long as they remain loyal soldiers and employees.

To the loners and strange creatures that prowl the planet's vast deserts, Mars is much as it always has been: a world of wilderness, solitude and danger. To the inhabitants of the rest of the solar system, Mars is at worst an enemy and at best a threat. The Martians run the most powerful -- and the most power-hungry -- planet in the solar system, and they fully intend to keep things that way.

This sourcebook describes all the aspects of the planet's civilization and culture -- information that referees can use to create adventures on the Red Planet.

Designed for the Buck Rogers game, this book can provide plenty of information useful in many other humanity-based science fiction role-playing games. Published 1990 TSR. OOP.

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. NMint.


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Brand: TSR