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BattleTech Record Sheets Vol 2 Medium Mechs FASA 1648 1990 CSh

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Description: 50 tons of devastating firepower. Nothing can stand in a BattleMech's way, except another 'Mech! This book compiles for the first time the BattleTech statistics for the variant Inner Sphere & Clan 'Mech designs. Some are rare, others unique, and each could be that extra surprise you need for victory.

BattleTech Record Sheets Volume 2: Medium 'Mechs contains medium 'Mech variants from the 2750, 3025, and 3050 eras of BattleMechs. Included are record sheets for over 45 'Mechs, each with full technical statistics. Included are:

CRB-27 Crab
Hop-4C Hoplite
KTO-19 Kintaro
STN-3L Sentinel
WVE-5N Wyvern
Dragonfly B OmniMech
Fenris A OmniMech

Designed for the popular classic BattleTech miniatures wargame. Copyright 1990 FASA.

Condition: New, old store stock. Light shelfwear, minor corner dings. Price sticker on back cover. Interior pages are in very nice shape. Please refer to the pictures for details.


MPN: 1648

Brand: FASA