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Babylon 5 Project B5 RPG Core Rulebook Chameleon OOP BD

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Description: The adventure begins at the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind... The year is 2259. The Earth-Minbari war is over, but trouble is brewing between the Narn and the Centauri. And rumors are circulating -- rumors of political chaos back on Earth, of colonies in rebellion, and of a dark force so powerful that it destroys entire fleets...

The Babylon Project is the original science fiction role-playing game based in the Babylon 5 television series. This core rulebook contains a complete role-playing system and is packed with information on Babylon 5. Contents include:

  • Character Creation
  • Developing a Story
  • Game Mechanics
  • Humanity in the 23rd Century
  • Alien Races
  • Technology
  • The Campaign and much more!

Published 1997 Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment. First printing. 196 pages, glossy paper. OOP.

Condition: Used. Moderate shelfwear on covers including scuffing, dings and minor creases. Interior pages are excellent.

MPN: 51001

Brand: Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment