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Deadlands HOE High Water 1998 Weird West Horror New AD Pinnacle

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Description: Life in the Wasted West is hard, and there are few places where it's harder than the Mississippi Delta. Waltzing around within spitting distance of the roving undead minions of the Necropolis is something that's done only by diehard heroes -- or brainers either too stupid or desperate to get out of the place.

Still, that's where High Water finds the posse, wandering through the bayou in what used to be Louisiana. There the heroes stumble upon Noveau Baton Rouge, a post-Apocalyptic Venice. There's trouble coming in the shape of a riverboat full of cutthroats roaming the river. But that's not the worst. If the heroes don't put down an evil awakened by the townspeople, everyone -- every man, woman, and child -- is going to meet a watery doom!

Designed for the Deadlands - Hell on Earth horror role-playing game set in the Weird West. Copyright 1998 Pinnacle Entertainment. 48 pages.

Condition: New, NM/Mint

MPN: 6004

Brand: Pinnacle Entertainment