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Dark Conspiracy Hellsgate Adventure Horror RPG GDW OOP LB

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Description: Through the millennia, it has known many names: Set, Surtur, Hel, Kutulu, Tiamet. The legends of this being stretch back beyond the memory of humankind. It is the Great Dark One. Imprisoned in ages past, it has boded its time. When humans crawled from the evolutionary muck, it waited. As the first civilizations arose, it waited. When humanity first reached out for the skies, it waited. It waited for a time when it could be free to rule and torture. That time has come. NASA's newest Comsat is beaming a strange and unknown signal to Mexico. The gods of the ancient Mayans are rising anew. Strange and horrible creatures stalk the night. The way is open for the coming of the Great Dark One!

Designed for the Dark Conspiracy system, but can be adapted to many horror role-playing games. Copyright 1992 GDW. 64 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, light shelfwear on edges, otherwise NMint.

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Brand: GDW