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Star Fleet Battles Booms and Saucers Module New OOP JB Star Trek Game Expansion

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Description: The capability of Federation and Klingon ships to separate their forward sections for use as "space lifeboats" is well known, and happens in scenarios and campaigns from time to time. This Captain's Module contains SSDs for:

  • - 12 Federation saucers
  • - 12 Klingon booms
  • - 5 Neo-Tholian rear hulls

In addition, there are two scenarios:

  • - Deadly Stings
  • - A Klingon's Revenge

For use with the popular Star Fleet Battles board game of ship-to-ship combat. Copyright 1993 Amarillo Design Bureau. 32 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, NMint

MPN: 3553
Brand: Amarillo Design Bureau