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Hot Spot Microgame 15 Metagaming 1979 Tactical Science Fiction Game Unplayed AS

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Description: Hot Spot is a tactical science fiction game about the Technocrat raid on Chiros. The Ziegler Corporations maintains fragile, floating platforms called crustals that move through the molten rock. The crustals are defended by infantry and hovercraft. The Technocrat attackers are strong, but they must capture crustals quickly, before their units melt into the lava.

Contents include a playing map, an illustrated rules booklet, and counters for both the crustals and combat units.

Copyright 1979 Metagaming.

Condition: Lightly used. Unplayed. Very light shelfwear. Very light patina of rust on staples in rules booklet. Counter sheet is uncut. Overall an excellent copy of this vintage game. Please refer top the pictures for more details.


Brand: Metagaming