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White Wolf #29 Call of Cthulhu Chill GURPS Halloween Issue G7

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Description: This annual Halloween issue contains:
  • All Horror is Mythos Horror - Classical creatures of terror can belong to the Call of Cthulhu Mythos too
  • Scope of Magic- A scary new series of Call of Cthulhu spells and magic items
  • Love - Love in the land of Orrorsh is not a many splendorous thing in this adventure for Torg
  • Vampire Hunting in Dark Conspiracy
  • Hunting the Hunters in Vampire
  • Hunger - Most Chill adventures are based on SAVE, but that organization never included Neanderthals - A scenario for Pacesetter's Chill
  • Cray Canyon Cold Snap - With the rise of an ancient power, six-shooters aren't enough in this GURPS Old West/Horror adventure
  • Feature Reviews
  • GDW's Dark Conspiracy
  •  Vampire
  • Doomsday Exam - An excerpt from the Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic novel
  • StarKhan - Part 3 of the StarKhan saga, detailing the sci-fi world from Rafm
  • Plus the regular columns

Copyright White Wolf. 80 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, NMint

Brand: White Wolf