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Travelers #1 Issue Fantasy Comic Tony DiGerolamo New JC

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Description: Looking for a break from role playing or some fun scenario ideas? Check out "The Travelers" comics by Tony DiGerolamo. This comic book series follows the exploits of a group of hardy (or is that fool-hardy?) adventurers. You will recognize some of the characters from your own gaming experience. The group consists of:

  • Sgt. Tariff Staff: Straight man with sword and armor. A pompous knight, with a princess for a fiancee.
  • Father Shamble: A former thief, now priest. A bit tightly wound, he's still a little shifty.
  • Sir Dan the Optimist: Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • Barbara the Barbarian: Brain of Conan, body of Pamela Lee. Barbara no use pronouns.
  • Cubby: The strong & silent type. Ambassador to a dwarven-like race called the Snotits.
  • Locust the Wizard: Very powerful wizard, very tiny brain. Like Inspector Clouseau with a spell book.

In this premier issue, "Never Turn Your Back On a 500 Lbs Cello", the group sets out to discover who or what has been killing off the town's guildmasters in particularly gruesome ways. Copyright 1998 Tony DiGerolamo. Published by South Jersey Rebellion Productions. Black and white. 32 pages.

Condition: New, light shelfwear, minor stain on cover.