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Timemaster Terrible Swift Ford 1985 Pacesetter OOP H7 Time Travel RPG

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Description: Dallas/Ft. Worth, 2085: Shacks fashioned of rusty sheet metal and soiled canvas squat among the ruins of this once-mighty metropolis, like hermit crabs hiding in the sand. The naked, steel-girder skeletons of majestic skyscrapers rise out of the rubbish, their twisted, scorched fingers towering over this ash-covered graveyard like so many weather-beaten crosses. It's been over three decades since the Nuclear War ushered in the Second Dark Age. For thirty years, the survivors have struggled to restore some measure of law and order to North America. The Southwest now stands ready to start the tedious process of recivilization, but the Second Civil War threatens to uproot this fledgling society before it can spread its branches.

Like the First Civil War, the Second Civil War pits American against American. But this time, the soldiers will fight their skirmishes on the long-neglected highways of the Southwest. The cavalry will ride to battle not on exhausted, half-starved horses, but in super-charged Fords and Chevrolets armed with rocket launchers and twin machine guns. In the conflicts of this war, terrain and tactical advantage count for very little -- the general with the most gasoline will emerge victorious. And presently, the Northern Barbarians have all the gasoline. Unless the Southwestern Colonies can penetrate the enemy lines and destroy the Barbarian's gasoline supply, they will certainly lose the war. But they don't have even enough fuel to mount a counterattack and punch through the lines. If they are to succeed, the Southwestern Colonies must rely on one super-fast, super-armored vehicle -- the Terrible Swift Ford!

Designed for the Timemaster science fiction role-playing game of time travel and can be readily adapted to other systems. Copyright 1985 Pacesetter. 32 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, light shelfwear on covers. Interior pages are excellent. Staples are tight with very light rust.

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Brand: Pacesetter