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Timemaster Sea Dogs of England Pacesetter OOP KB Time Travel RPG

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Description: The fat ships of Spain rule the harbors of the world. The Indies, East and West, stuff King Philip's treasury with gold, gems, and spices. One gem eludes him: England, where good Queen Elizabeth sits atop a shaky throne. Her gravest test lies out in the gray, rolling Atlantic, where Philip's fleet tightens its stranglehold on Europe, on history itself. There'll always be an England, but what England? A small unimportant colony of Spain, or the England of history and destiny?

Designed for the Timemaster game, but can be readily adapted for use with other historical time-travel role-playing systems. Copyright 1984 Pacesetter Limited. 32 pages. OOP.

Condition: Lightly used. Light shelfwear, few dogeared pages. Patina of rust on staples. A good play copy.

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Brand: Pacesetter