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Star Wars RPG Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide West End Games 40134 JSo-S

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Description: The Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide features comprehensive coverage of the new planets of Steve Perry's best-selling Shadows of the Empire novel — from geography and politics to military organizations and famous people. Each chapter includes detailed adventure outlines. You and your group can be exploring the planets of Shadows of the Empire in no time.

• Visit Greedo's jungle homeworld of Rodia, where hunting is not only the planet's favorite sport, but the most-honored profession. Just take care that you are the hunter and not the prey!
• Vergesso Base is a very carefully hidden shadowport where all manner of scum and villainy gather to do business with the underworld. Get tangled up in the spice trade or the Rebellion, free a few Mends from the slavers guild, or help fend off an Imperial assault.
• Land on Bothawui and enter a world of spynets and intrigue. Immerse yourself in the Great Game by finessing the defection of an Imperial bureaucrat, or head for the wilderness to face predators with more direct ways of dealing with you.
• Head for Kothlis, the frontier world of Bothan space. Run a sabotage mission for Borsk Fey'la, or try to track down a missing Imperial courier droid before the Imperials can.

Designed for the popular Star Wars RPG by West End Games, but can be adapted to other Star Wars and science fiction role-playing games. 1996 West End Games. 96 pages.

Condition: New, old store stock. Mild shelfwear, edge wear, spine creases, corner bumps, 1-inch square of gloss removed by price sticker on rear cover. Interior pages are in very nice shape. Please refer to the pictures for more detail.


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