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Star Frontiers Sundown on Starmist TSR 7803 1983 FC Sealed Shrinkwrap

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Description: Starmist! A new planet, discovered by a Vrusk merchant ship. A planet whose surface is a frozen waste crossed by giant canyons, kilometers deep. In those canyons are air, water, life, and above all, mystery. After an emergency landing, Maximillian Malligigg, Second Officer of the VSS Centispeed, stumbled onto a puzzling clue. Max made tentative contact with the humanoids called Heliopes, who live on the planet.

The Heliopes are a primitive, nomadic culture. There is a single village among these nomadic tribes. In the village's center is a massive pyramid and an entire building complex set on platforms above a river. What did Max find that made him eager to hire your intrepid band of adventurers, to join him in returning to Starmist?

An Alpha Dawn adventure for the classic Star Frontiers science fiction role-playing system. Can be adapted to other systems. Copyright 1983 TSR. OOP.

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. Shrinkwrap has split, small hole; otherwise NMint


MPN: 7803

Brand: TSR