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Spycraft Shadowforce Archer Foundation Alderac AB Espionage New

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Description: At the heart of every great conspiracy lies one incredible lie. Learn the stunning secrets the world's protectors have been hiding behind their web of espionage for the last fifty years, and take an incredible tour through the secret history of the Shadowforce Archer world setting. Discover the true goals of the most pervasive organization on the planet, and the real threats they protect us from. Contents include:

  • - Details for creating agents tailored just for the Archer Foundation
  • - Advanced rules for playing psions
  • - 4 major new threats in the Shadowforce Archer universe
  • - NPC classes
  • - New episode of the continuing global interactive SFA campaign
  • - The secret history of the Archer family
  • - What Archer doesn't want the world to know, and why

Copyright 2002 Alderac Entertainment. 144 pages.

Condition: New, very light shelfwear to covers, otherwise NM/Mint.

MPN: 1001

Brand: Alderac Entertainment