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Space Gamer #70 Traveller Super Heroes 1984 OOP G8 Steve Jackson

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Description: This issue contains:

  • One From the H.A.R.T. (Highland Alarm and Regulation Timers) - Generic super hero adventure for Champions, Marvel Super Heroes or Superworld
  • Competitive Citizens - Improved character generation for Traveller
  • The Fiction They Deserve - A look at interactive fiction A Reply by Allen Varney
  • Computerized Dungeon Master: An overview of text adventures
  • Feature Review: Marvel Super Heroes
  • Feature Review: Timeship Many
  • Capsule Reviews
  • Murphy's Rules

Includes original mailing cover. Copyright 1984 Steve Jackson Games. 54 pages. OOP.

Condition: Very lightly used. NMint. Staples are tight, no rust.

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Brand: Space Gamer