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Sovereign Stone Old Vinnengal Sourcebook OOP New H5

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  • Role playing game
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  • Fantasy
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Description: The city of Old Vinnengael was destroyed two hundred years ago in a magical blast that killed many thousands and forever changed the lives of everyone living in Loerem. Travel back in time to explore that legendary city just days before its downfall. Meet its people, shop in its fabulous markets, discover its treasure, encounter its dangers. This sourcebook contains all the information needed to use the city of Old Vinnengael as a campaign setting. Designed for the Sovereign Stone game, but can be readily adapted to many other fantasy role playing games. Written by Douglas Niles and Timothy Kidwell. Copyright 2000 Elmore Productions. Published by Corsair Publishing. Softcover. 104 pages. OOP.

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Brand: Sovereign Press