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Shatterzone Zeenarchs Sourcebook OOP New NMint CC West End Games

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Description: Zeenarchy -- slang; comes from the term "xeno-archaeology," which means "the study of alien artifacts and cultures, or artifacts and cultures with unknown origins." This sourcebook provides information needed in exploring the Centauran Core worlds. Contents include:

  • - The Consortium
  • - Excerpts from the Atlas of the HCW
  • - Human Core Worlds
  • - Living in the Core
  • - Zeenarchy
  • - Gamemaster Section

Designed for the Shatterzone science fiction role-playing game. The contents and concepts can be readily adapted to many sci fi game systems. Copyright 1993 West End Games. 64 pages. OOP.

Condition: New. Light shelfwear stress crack. NMint.

MPN: 21022

Brand: West End Games