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Shatterzone Crosshairs Campaign New OOP KA West End Games

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Description: What you bring to Teraxiter is not as important as what you leave there. The denizens of the city will take everything you have -- and more, if they can get it. Breaking even is losing on this planet where megacorps vie with gang-bangers for dominance. Coming out ahead means coming out alive. Teraxiter is a grim but not-quite-foresaken planet just inside what used to be the Tiko Corporate Sector of the Outer Sphere.

This book details the planet and its sole city, the industrial wastes that surround it, and information on the dark power struggle that has erupted there.

Designed for the Shatterzone system, but can be readily adapted to other science fiction and cyberpunk role-playing games. Copyright 1993 West End Games. 64 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, light shelfwear. Excellent.

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Brand: West End Games