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Role Aids Blood & Steel AD&D Fantasy Combat Box OOP

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Description: In nearly every case, the core of most fantasy game adventures is combat. Blood & Steel expands the options available to Gamemasters and players alike in combat situations. These additional options will enrich a campaign and make each game session more exciting. Contents include:

  • - The Combat Card deck - Illustrates more than 80 unique combat maneuvers on 180 cards
  • - The Guidebook -- A wealth of optional rules, magic items, and spells designed to enhance combat and particularly the role of Fighters in combat
  • - The Combat Reference Screen -- Designed for both the Gamemaster and the players

Designed to be compatible with the AD&D fantasy role playing system. Copyright 1993 Mayfair Games. OOP.

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. NM/Mint.


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Brand: Mayfair Games