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Rifts RPG England World Book #3 Palladium Books New GC

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Description: This Rifts supplement features:

  • - The return of Erin Tarn
  • - Magic wands and staves
  • - Healing and magic herbs and devices
  • - Temporal magic with 25 new spells and OCCs
  • - The Chiang-Ku Dragon -- creatures of tatoo magic
  • - Many new optional player classes and races including the Temporal Wizard, Temporal Warrior, Temporal Raider, Druids, Chiang-Ku, Knights of Camelot, and more
  • - The Millennium Tree and Millennium Druids
  • - Monsters, faerie folk, ancient gods and supernatural menaces
  • - New Camelot, a very different spin on Athurian legend
  • - Stonehenge and places of magic
  • - and much more

Designed for the Rifts science fiction role-playing game. Copyright 1993 Kevin Siembieda. Third printing 1995 by Palladium Books. 152 pages.

Condition: New, NMint.

MPN: 807

Brand: Palladium Books