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Paranoia Twilight: 2000 Cycle Dimension X New D7 West End Games RPG

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Description: Come on a fabulous dream vacation for six to exciting World War III San Francisco! Courtesy of your friend and ours -- the Transdimensional Collapsatron! In this thrilling sequel to Alice Through the Mirrorshades, the Vulture Warriors travel from the cyberpunk era through time to an exotic landscape of nuclear destruction for three days and four nights of rollicking, frolicking fallout fun! They experience the exciting and extremely dangerous nightlife. They meet interesting natives and blow large, smoking holes in them. They tour the picturesque, burnt-out remains of the city on the bay while authentic Soviet and US forces vie for control of the Alpha Complex Computer prototype -- the computer that became The Computer! Time traveling, post-nuclear holocaust fun for the whole family!

This is an official cross-over product for both Paranoia and Twilight: 2000 and is compatible with both game systems. Contains:

  • 40-page sequel adventure book
  • Handouts, maps, props, and picture postcards from a trip through time
  • A full set of Paranoia and Twilight: 2000 characters

Designed for both the Paranoia crazy science fiction world by West End Games and Twilight: 2000 by GDW Game Designers' Workshop. Copyright 1990 WEG. OOP.

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. NM/Mint.


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Brand: West End Games