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Paranoia Don't Take Your Laser to Town Adventure OOP HC

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Description: Black Gulch in old WST Sector was a quiet little town until Black Bot and his cutthroats began their reign of terror. And that was just the beginning... Buffalo stampedes! Shootouts! Wanton destruction! Train wrecks! And much more!

This adventure includes marginal notes on recreating the Old West ... like it was in the movies. Hysterical -- uh, historical figures are turning over in their graves because of what we're doing to them. Fresh air. Stale jokes. And more worn out cliches than you can shake a rattlesnake at. Pull up a barbed-wire tumbleweed, and set a spell. For 2-6 players. Designed for the humorous Paranoia science fiction role-playing game. Copyright 1988 West End Games. OOP.

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Brand: West End Games