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Operation Husky WWII Sicilian Campaign Wargame New AC Sealed

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Description: It's June 11, 1943 and the Allies are ashore in Sicily... the race to Messina has begun. The Allied player's goals include the capture of Axis airfields and supply ports as well as destroying the German and Italian forces before they can escape to mainland Italy. The Axis player must delay the Allied forces while attempting to withdraw his troops to Messina for evacuation.

This wargame features:

  • - Number of Players: 2
  • - Time Scale: 3 days per turn
  • - Unit Scale: Battalions and some regiments
  • - Complexity Level: Medium

Game contents include:

  • - One 20" x 17" four-color mounted game board
  • - 390 die-cut pieces
  • - Charts and tables
  • - 1 rulebook
  • - 1 6-sided die

Copyright 1996 Steve Bohn Games.

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. One corner has hole in shrinkwrap and the box corner is worn. Otherwise NMint.

MPN: 0110

Brand: Steve Bohn Games