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NeverWorld Fantasy RPG Box Set New Sealed J5

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  • Role playing game
  • RPG
  • Fantasy
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Description: "We, you and I, live in a sliver of time somewhere in the Third Age. Until now, our nation has lived in cultural isolation. Once, isolation was the key to our survival. Now, the scent of change is on the winds, and the key to survival is knowledge. Each culture on this world has its own secrets in which may lie the key to our continued survival. Along the way there will be danger, monsters, challenges and rewards beyond counting. This is NeverWorld, and it is waiting for your fresh footprint..." This self-contained fantasy role-playing game is based on the R.O.C. and Roll system. Some of the concepts include:

  • - Dual combat: realistic with speed, or reflexively advanced
  • - Detailed powers of religious Followers, Champions and Leaders
  • - 10 spheres of Metaphysics
  • - Easy 10 step character generation
  • - Every risk taken leads to 8+ possibilities using the Rolling Outcome Chart
  • - 120+ skills
  • - and much more

This heavy box set contains:

  • - The Tome of NeverWorld rulebook
  • - Culture Book: Hourani
  • - The NeverWorld's GM's Screen
  • - A 22" x 32" full color map
  • - 2 custom-printed 1- sided dice
  • - NeverWorld post-it style notes

Copyright 1996 Erin Laughlin. Published by ForEverWorld Books. OOP.

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. Shrinkwrap split on sides; moderate shelfwear to box corners. Otherwise excellent.

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Brand: ForEverWorld Books