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Murphy's World Humorous Role Playing Game Multiverse OOP FC

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Description: Welcome to Murphy's World, where everything operates according to Murphy's Laws, including If it can go wrong, it will! It is actually the Realm of Faerie, the Land of Myths and Legends, the place of popular folklore and dreams (with a dash of pop culture) -- comically twisted, yet maintaining an internal sense of 'logic.' An extensive but rather faulty network of interdimensional teleportation gates (through which many of the inhabitants have unwillingly arrived) connects Murphy's World to just about everywhere.

Murphy's World is a silly place where you can roleplay light-hearted adventures. It can be used with any existing system of rules -- you don't have to generate a new character. Characters from other campaigns can be brought to Murphy's World for adventures, and characters from Murphy's World can be transported to other campaign worlds.

Contents include:

  • - Descriptions of the planet, its sun Ludo, and the strange effects on the forces of nature
  • - Lots of races and cultures
  • - A wacky magic system that the Gamemaster may use to torment spellcasting characters
  • - Tons of GM tips on how to design adventures and set up an extended campaign
  • - A complete adventure: Robyn's Sumer Romance in Asgard (or Robyn and Her Merry Sven)

Copyright 1988-1995 by Kevin Davies and David Brown. Published 1995 by Peregrine.152 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, 3/4" tear/ding in rear cover, otherwise NMint.

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