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Luft Krieg Pulp Aerial Wargame Rules Gear Krieg BB Dream Pod 9

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Description: Welcome to two-fisted pulp dogfighting action in a world at war. Luft Krieg is a tabletop air combat wargame set in an alternate world where the wonders of pulp science fiction magazines are realities of science. Dogfights include aircraft of actual history plus those that might have been, had technology been slightly different. Contents include:

  • - An alternate history of aviation
  • - Modular, easy to learn rules that provide realistic results
  • - Rules that support all the main aircraft model scales, from 1/72 to 1/300
  • - Advanced rules for Aces, Morale, Rocket Packs, and more
  • - Basic tables of organization for the air forces of Germany, the British Commonwealth, the United States, Soviet Russia, and Imperial Japan
  • - Game statistics for over 60 aircraft and vehicles
  • - Color counter sheet

Copyright 2001 Dream Pod 9. 96 pages plus counter sheet.

Condition: New, NM/Mint

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Brand: Dream Pod 9