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Knight Fighter Fantasy Miniature 2 Handed Sword 207 Painted Reaper D&D

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Description: This noble knight raises his mighty two-handed great sword in preparation of delivering a deadly blow. He wears plate and chain mail armor. He has an impressive griffin helm.

This metal 25-28mm figure is ready to assume the role of a Player Character or NPC in many fantasy role playing games including Dungeons & Dragons. It can also be used to add an interesting piece to your troops in tabletop fantasy war gaming such as Warhammer Fantasy.

Condition: Painted. Fully based. Sealed with multiple clear coats. Ready to play or display.

Warning: These items may contain small parts, sharp bits, and other potentially hazardous properties. They are intended for adult gaming only and are not designed for children of any age.

  • Miniature
  • Figure
  • War game
  • Role-playing game
  • Fantasy
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Warhammer
  • Painted
  • 25-28 mm