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Judges Guild Journal #8 Q 1978 Fantasy Gaming D&D B8

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Description: Here is an unusual and rare bit of role playing history! In the early days, Judges Guild produced many role playing game supplements and aids, including many based on their City State of the Invincible Overlord. They also published the Judges Guild Journal, part newsletter, part gaming zine, part catalog. Contents include:

  • Expands Facilities and Staff Profiles
  • Game Reviews (including Chivalry & Sorcery, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual)
  • Sagas of the Sagacious Sage - Fiction book reviews
  • Prodigious Platemail filled with many variants including: Campaign mythology Altair, God of the Majestic Mountains - How to become a god
  • System for determining number and strength of monster encounters
  • Weather charts Enchanted weapons, spells, potions charts
  • Booty List - Catalog of game items available through Judges Guild from a variety of manufacturers
  • Malevolent Monsters - Reptillicus Regorip
  • Advise Column The Ancestry of the Adventurer
  • Founding Character Creation Social Level
  • Chance of Death
  • And more

Printed in newspaper format on newsprint. Each page measures approximately 11-1/4" x 17-1/2". 16 pages. Issue #8 (Q), published February/March 1978. Circulation 2200. Copyright 1978 Judges Guild. An unusual find to add to your gaming collection!

Condition: Very lightly used. Minor shelfwear. The newsprint has yellowed with age as is to be expected. The entire newspaper has been folded in half. Overall, this item is in very fine condition considering its age.


Brand: Judges Guild