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Judges Guild Dungeoneer 16 1980 D&D Fantasy Traveller BD

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Description: This issue features:

  • Players' Errors In "Under Skyking's Light"
  • The Mystic: A New Magic-User Sub-Class for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  • A New and Radically Different Expertise System for Fantasy Role Playing
  • The High Priesthood of Thebes
  • The "Other" Class in Traveller
  • Winter Encounters - Fiction by J. Brightman and W. Sommers
  • Warlocks: A new Magic-User Sub-Class for D&D
  • The Armed Forces in Traveller
  • Plus the regular columns

Published 1980 by Judges Guild. 64 pages.

Condition: Lightly used. Light shelfwear, 1" stain on inside rear cover. Newsprint paper aged as expected from this older item.


Brand: Judge's Guild